Jim Burleson for mayor

Well it’s official. I’m running for Mayor of Socorro, New Mexico. Not because I think the others running aren’t good people or good choices, but because I have some amazing ideas for growth and development that will allow us to maintain our small town living, but with an economy that raises us to a level we’ve never imagined. I have a manufacture strategy, a film business strategy, and an education strategy that with the continued momentum of the school system the city could be the partner that catapults us to the next level.

My attention to housing and improved transient living priorities will make our streets safer and more inviting.

My partnerships with New Mexico film and studios from across the planet will bring transitional revenues directly into our town resulting in better pay, better jobs, and better infrastructure. It is my movie career that I think will fill all those empty buildings around town.

I will also be focused in film industry crew training so that when movies film here, they are hiring our union workers.

I will prioritize parks and recreation so we can take our kids to the parks without fear of needles.

We currently have the greatest police departments our town has seen in my 30+ years of living here and with that, we’ll get the tools to increase their reach and attention to serve our community as law enforcement. We will create facilities and programs to deal with those who can’t seem to stop getting arrested. So our police can focus on their jobs of patrolling rather than revolving doors. Our youth will be held accountable and our plan will be to help them get out of and stay out of trouble. We want them better and better prepared to excell. And we don’t want them to have to leave for better opportunities.

I will push for term limits for our leadership. 2 terms is enough. At least consecutively. We can’t allow power alliances to cripple our potential. We should all be working together.

Mayor Bhasker is an incredible leader. He’s been a life saving doctor for years. My only criticism of him is he’s been in office 30 years. He can fix more problems before morning coffee then I’ll encounter and be able to solve in days or weeks, but I’m a quick learner and I think with my infrastructure ideas, my learning curve will not stifle our plan.

JC is an incredible informed and prepared technical giant. He knows the rules, the laws, the systems. He wouldn’t miss a punctuation mark on his plan for our towns future.

Maryann is an incredible human being who has bled for our community and her work in housing and mental health and community involvement will make her a great mayor. She sincerely loves us residence of Socorro. She would govern selflessly. I love her work.

I know others have spoken about how they may run. As Doctor Bhasker has always said, the more the merrier. (Smart dude that one) If you run, be ready to lay out your plan.

I just think I’m better at this point in our legacy as a town. I think I would make the best mayor of Socorro. At least for the next 4 years.